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Main Street Demographic Profiles

Demographic profiles and infographics provide key statistics for a city or town. The information ranges from demographic figures to specific data like consumer spending and tapestries.

The data in these tools help Main Street districts be successful with business retention and recruitment efforts. All Main Street Programs receive these reports.

Demographic Profile

Provides demographic information for a community specializing in education, employment, and income.

Employment Overview

Focuses on the key elements when it comes to the people employed within the community.

Executive Summary

A brief overview of a community as well as the tapestries that are located in their area.

Key Facts

Demographics of a community regarding business and employment with extensive breakdowns in charts for each category.

Office Market Profile

Provides a set of key demographic, market potential, and spending indicators that to help quickly understand the market opportunities and demographics of an area. Provides powerful decision-making insight about office location.

Population Trends

A perspective of the population trends and key indicators including population by generations and historical trends in population.

Tapestry Profile

A tapestry segmentation is the fabric of America’s neighborhoods, giving you a glance at the way of living by each tapestry type. This breakdown gives you the top three tapestries of each community.

Target Market Summary

Provides key facts as well as an age pyramid and annual consumer spending of key products.

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