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Route 66 Revitalization Grant Program

The Project 66 Grant was created to support the revitalization of the Route 66 experience in Oklahoma. We are deeply committed to preserving the cultural heritage of this historic highway and fostering economic growth in the local communities it traverses. With this grant, the Commission aims to assist in undertaking impactful initiatives that will enhance the visitor experience, preserve historical landmarks and contribute to sustainable economic development along Route 66 in Oklahoma.

Who May Apply

  1. Municipalities or counties located on Route 66 
  2. Nonprofit organizations 
  3. Government Entity or Agency 

What is Funded

Route 66 projects must support historic preservation or economic development within communities on Route 66. 

Projects may be used for capital investments and/or a very limited number of promotional purposes. Examples of possible projects could be placemaking, facility enhancement, preservation efforts, new construction, planning, research, signage, etc. 

Applicants may apply for grants in multiple cycles to complete different phases of a project. 

Funding Request

Route 66 projects request must range from $25,000 to $2 million. 

Selection Process

The Oklahoma Route 66 Commission comprised of nine commissioners will review and make the project selections based on the criteria listed below. 

Commissioners’ evaluations will be based solely on the material provided in the application package. Additional materials not specifically required by the application will not be considered. 

If a project is not selected to be funded in the first round, applicants may resubmit the project again in the second round.

Evaluation and Selection Criteria

Consideration will be given to projects that have elements of historic preservation, new construction or projects with the greatest level of audience attraction, community enhancement and potential for sales tax generation. 

Applicants are required to provide a narrative for all four criteria. Applications will be judged on each of the criteria equally.  

  1. Project Description. Judging is based on a detailed description of each project submitted along with any maps, images, or visual aids that pertain to the project.
  2. Project Impact. This category will be judged on the description of the anticipated impact the project will have on the community, future tourism, and the entirety of Route 66 along with project objectives.
  3. Organizational Structure. Judging is based on organizational capacity, other partnering entities and project sustainability and maintenance.
  4. Budget. Judging is based on the clarity of the overall budget with any matching component.

Round 2 Application Opens: February 3, 2024

Round 2 Application Closes: July 19, 2024

For questions or more information, contact: Project66@ltgov.ok.gov

Agenda + Minutes


Remaining quarterly meetings for 2024 are scheduled as follows:

Quarter 2
April 11, 2024
Route 66 Interpretive Center
400 E. 1st St
Chandler, OK  74834
10:00 a.m.

Quarter 3
August 15, 2024
JM Davis Arms & Historical Museum
330 N. J.M. Davis Boulevard
Claremore, OK  74017
10:00 a.m.

Quarter 4
November 21, 2024
Sapulpa City Hall
425 E. Dewey Avenue
Sapulpa, OK  74066      
10:00 a.m.

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