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Oklahoma Culture

Oklahoma calls the Great Plains home, but you’ll come to see we’re more great than plain.

Higher quality of life leads to happier employees and research shows that happier employees have higher productivity in the workplace. Our two largest metros are growing – economically, culturally and socially – and they’re surrounded by unique small towns with big personalities. Oklahomans, in general, are welcoming people – friendly, laid-back and good-natured – and we’re famous for our hospitality.

Arts & Entertainment

Our thriving arts districts are accompanied by architectural marvels, world-class theaters, a nationally renowned zoo, music venues big and small, more than 300 museums, and nearly 40 craft breweries.

large sculpture in the Oklahoma City Museum of Art
Climber scaling Mt. Scott in Oklahoma

Great Outdoors

Oklahoma hosts a surprising assort­ment of outdoor adventures. Whether you’re looking for the perfect swim­ming hole, mountain hiking trails, city biking trails or the ideal spot for something more extreme, our state has an outdoor adventure for you.

Family Life ​

Family is a big part of Okla­homa life. Safe communities and a low cost of living make our state a smart place to raise a family. Combine those amenities with family-friendly activities, beautiful parks and thriving entertainment districts, and you’ve got a truly great place to raise children.

Oklahoma has one of the lowest costs of living in the U.S., so you can live close to where you work, for less.

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