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Invest in Oklahoma Program

The Invest in Oklahoma program is set up to allow a venture capital fund, growth fund or private equity fund which is either Oklahoma Based, or which makes substantial investments in the State to participate in the Invest in Oklahoma Program set forth in the Section 2400 et. seq. of Title 62 of the Oklahoma Statutes.

If you have questions please submit them to InvestInOK@okcommerce.gov or call 405-815-6552.


Q:  Can a non-profit entity be recognized as a Diverse Business Enterprise?

A:  No.  Only for profit entities can be recognized as a Diverse Business Enterprise as non-profit entities do not have private ownership.

Q:  If my business has an event that causes it to lose eligibility, how do I need to notify the Department of Commerce. 

A:   To notify the Department of Commerce, please e-mail diversitycertification@okcommerce.gov alerting the Department of Commerce that the business no longer qualifies from the contact e-mail for the business previously supplied to the Department of Commerce.

Q: Does this program automatically register my company with the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) in order to be eligible for contract awards from Central Purchasing or any other Oklahoma state agency?

A: This application is not an automatic registration with OMES or any State of Oklahoma agency for contract awards.  You must also register with the Central Purchasing Division for any procurement activities with Oklahoma state agencies. It is recommend that if you wish to be considered for state contract opportunities, you register with the Central Purchasing Division (link above) prior to applying to the Supplier Diversity Program. 

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