National Recruiting Director on What Oklahoma Has to Offer

Christie Cooper Myers is the Director of National Recruiting for the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.  She is a native Oklahoman and alumni of the University of Oklahoma.

Christie has an extensive background in sales and management of outdoor clothing and equipment, corrugated products, strategic workforce planning, and retail and her career took her from her hometown of Oklahoma City to Colorado, Washington and California. Upon her return to Oklahoma, she began her career with the Oklahoma Department of Commerce and has been with the business recruitment team for more than 12 years.

What does Oklahoma have to offer site selectors/businesses interested in expansion to new markets?

Oklahoma is centrally located in the United States, giving companies an advantage when they are considering transportation costs and proximity to their customers in growing markets. With affordable labor costs and low electric rates, Oklahoma score high in cost competitiveness. Oklahoma’s taxes are low and so is the cost of living. It is a winning combination to help companies be successful.

What kind of services does the Oklahoma Department of Commerce offer to help companies expand/relocate?

The Business Group offers both companies and consultants the same services. We will act on their behalf as the single point of contact during their site selection process, affording them ease of communication. We bring every state resource that is needed to the project, prepare detailed information that is requested on incentives, workforce, cost of doing business, etc., and assist companies and site consultants with site tours in all of the communities they request to see.

What often surprises people about Oklahoma?

People who have never been in Oklahoma are often surprised at the quality of life that exists in the state. Whatever preconceived ideas they have are quickly erased when they see the vibrant small communities and exciting large metro cities.

What trends are you seeing in economic development projects interested in Oklahoma?

We are seeing continued interest from aerospace and defense companies, from large manufacturers of widely varied products, from food product manufacturers and from high-tech and software development companies.

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