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PPE & Medical Supply Directory Developed as Oklahoma Businesses Re-Open

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce (Commerce), in partnership with the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance (OMA) and the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber (OKC), is compiling and verifying manufacturers which produce personal protective equipment (PPE) and other medical supplies, in addition to traditional medical supply companies, to be included in a directory. The purpose of the list is to help prepare Oklahoma businesses as they re-open and invite their employees back into an office setting.

“In our conversations with companies across the region, access to PPE is one of the top barriers to a return to the workplace,” said Roy Williams, President and CEO, Greater Oklahoma City Chamber. “This tool is critical to getting business access to the help they need.”

The CDC has provided guidelines and suggestions for businesses operating during the continued COVID-19 pandemic, including disinfecting surfaces, use of face masks and other best practices for operating a safe working environment.

“Some of the more well-known suppliers of PPE and other medical supplies may be backordered,” said Kinnee Tilly, Vice President of Business Development and Operations, Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance. “By creating this directory, we are working to provide options, particularly of Oklahoma manufacturers, so that Oklahoma companies can get the supplies and equipment they need in order to get back to work safely.”

Businesses can search the PPE directory at https://okcommerce.gov/ppe. Oklahoma companies that manufacture or supply PPE and other needed supplies can fill out the form on the Commerce PPE webpage to be considered for inclusion. After a brief vetting process through OMA, the companies will be added to the list.

“There are dozens of manufacturers and medical supply distributors in our state and the surrounding area that can provide Oklahoma companies with the supplies they need to get back to business,” said Brent Kisling, Executive Director, Commerce. “By putting together this directory, we’re not only helping Oklahoma companies resume their operations, but we’re also creating business opportunities for Oklahoma companies that produce and provide these goods – both of which will help our economy move out of this crisis.”

The state’s guidelines for reopening businesses under Governor Kevin Stitt’s Open Up & Recover Safely (OURS) Plan can be found at https://okcommerce.gov/ours.

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