Oklahoma Department of Commerce Named Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits Community Partner of the Year

The Oklahoma Center for Nonprofits (OKCNP) proudly announced that the Oklahoma Department of Commerce has been chosen as its Community Partner of the Year. The award, given out at the end of each fiscal year, recognizes the organization that has the greatest impact on OKCNP and its mission to empower Oklahoma nonprofits to achieve excellence.

Former Secretary of Commerce Sean Kouplen spearheaded the partnership when he asked OKCNP President and CEO Marnie Taylor to create The Oklahoma Nonprofit Council – a group of nonprofit professionals who advise the Department of Commerce on the charitable sector, its accomplishments, needs and economic impact. “During my tenure as Secretary of Commerce, I learned what a critical role the nonprofit sector plays in the Oklahoma economy,” Kouplen said. “Nonprofit organizations are directly tied to the mission of the Oklahoma Department of Commerce by providing excellent jobs, significant investment and supporting our communities when they need it most. I appreciate the opportunity to partner with this outstanding organization.”

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the Department of Commerce continued its commitment to Oklahoma nonprofits, holding a weekly call to inform organizations about critical relief funding and grant opportunities. “The Department of Commerce’s recognition of nonprofits as not only a driver of social change but also as an integral part of the state’s economy positions the charitable sector for long-term growth and sustainability,” Taylor said.

Current Commerce Secretary Scott Mueller, who began his position in March 2021, is actively working to maintain the strong partnership between OKCNP and the Department of Commerce. He has reiterated the Department of Commerce’s commitment to the nonprofit sector and the Oklahoma Nonprofit Council. 

“Governor Stitt and each of us in Oklahoma’s Department of Commerce recognize and appreciate the value the nonprofit sector brings to our state. I applaud The Governor’s leadership in ensuring that Commerce and the great people in all of Oklahoma’s nonprofits are working alongside one another to improve lives in Oklahoma,” Mueller said.

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