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For more than 30 years, Oklahoma’s Main Street program has been pumping new life back into the heart of communities across the state. Historic preservation, downtown revitalization efforts and powerful economic stimulation combine to restore the core assets of communities and enhance the quality of life for Oklahomans.
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About Oklahoma Main Street

Since 1986, Oklahoma Main Street programs have generated more than $2.2 billion in total public and private reinvestment, created 21,600 new jobs and helped in the development of nearly 9,000 new or expanded small businesses.

Statewide Reach

The Main Street program encourages economic development in Oklahoma communities and neighborhood districts statewide. By refocusing efforts to bring vibrancy back to a commercial district, your local program can find the self-reliance and empowerment it needs to rebuild a commercial district and increase the quality of life for residents. 

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Why Main Street Matters

Main Street directors from across the state share how the program has positively impacted their communities.

Resources for Communities

Oklahoma Main Street provides training, resources and technical assistance for preservation-based historic commercial district revitalization.



Four-point Approach

The Main Street Four-Point Approach™ is tailored to meet the needs and opportunities of each local program. It encompasses work in four distinct areas – Design, Economic Vitality, Promotion, and Organization – that are combined to address all of the commercial district’s needs. 


The appearance of your Main Street district sets a vital first impression for your local historic commercial district. Capitalizing on its best assets – such as historic buildings and pedestrian-oriented streets – is just part of the story. By adding in an inviting atmosphere through attractive window displays, parking areas, building improvements, signs, sidewalks, landscaping and more, your historic core will a portray positive visual message about what your district has to offer.


Marketing is a vital component of a successful Main Street program, framing a positive image and encouraging consumers and investors to live, work, shop, play, and invest in the district. Through local volunteers, you can market your district’s unique characteristics to residents, investors, business owners and visitors. Efforts such as advertising, retail promotional activity, special events, and marketing campaigns will improve consumer and investor confidence and encourage commercial activity and investment in the district.


Economic Vitality

The Main Street program helps make existing business owners more competitive while recruiting new businesses and economic uses to create a commercial district that responds to today’s consumer needs. By diversifying your district’s economic base and converting unused or underused commercial space into economically productive space, your historic core can strengthen its economic assets and boost the profitability of the district.


The first step is getting everyone to work toward the same goal. To have a successful Main Street revitalization program, the Organization Point needs to bring together the human and financial resources to reach your goals. A governing board and standing committees make up the fundamental organizational structure, while a paid program director coordinates and supports local volunteers. By using this structure, your local program can build the consensus and cooperation needed to bring vibrancy to a commercial district.

Learn more about the Oklahoma Main Street Center and how following the Main Street Four-Point Approach™ can bring change and growth to your community. 



Interested in becoming a Main Street program?

The Oklahoma Main Street program now has three ways to join: Fully Designated, Associate Program or Network Level.

Annual Main Street Awards

Recognizing Community Achievement

Each year we host an awards banquet to acknowledge the accomplishments of local Main Street programs. Through 25 categories, we recognize outstanding volunteers, businesses and improvements in local historic commercial districts throughout Oklahoma.

Community Impact

Calendar Year 2023

2023 Private & Public

$41.3 Million

Program Total

$2.2 Billion

35.8 Million

In private dollars invested

5.5 Million

In public dollars invested

1.7 Billion

In private dollars invested

481.9 Million

In public dollars invested


Building Rehabilitations


Building Rehabilitations
Program Total


Business Openings, Relocations & Expansions


Business Openings, Relocations & Expansions
Program Total




Program Total


Volunteer Hours


Volunteer Hours
Program Total
(Since 2002)

The Oklahoma Main Street Center provides documents and services following the Main Street Four-Point Approach™. 

Information Resources

Oklahoma Main Street provides training, resources and technical assistance for preservation-based historic commercial district revitalization.

Based on the National Main Street Center’s guiding principles and nationally recognized Four-Point Approach™, OMSC offers a practical strategy custom-tailored for each local program.

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Main Street se focaliza en la reactivación comercial del centro de la ciudad basado en la preservación histórica.

Esa es la presentación profesional breve, pero Main Street es mucho más. Estamos interesados en la preservación de nuestros edificios comerciales históricos, y ayudamos a los dueños de comercios locales en esos edificios para que tengan éxito y brinden trabajos e ingresos para los habitantes de Oklahoma y a lo largo de nuestro gran estado.

The Oklahoma Main Street Center is a Main Street America™ Coordinating Program. Since 1986, Oklahoma Main Street programs have generated more than $1.8 billion in total public and private reinvestment, created 20,071 new jobs and helped in the development of 5,839 new or expanded small businesses.

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