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Oklahoma’s pro-business environment makes our state a great place to do business.

Oklahoma’s industries are diverse, much like its landscape. Here you’ll find the world’s largest Department of Defense Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facility. Head northeast and there’s the world’s largest commercial airline MRO and Google’s 2nd largest data center. Out west you’ll see wind turbines on the horizon as you head toward Goodyear’s largest tire manufacturing facility. We could go on, but we think it’s pretty obvious companies that operate in Oklahoma find success, no matter the industry.

Explore what makes these industries thrive in Oklahoma.


Oklahoma is the MRO capital of the world. A highly skilled workforce, unrivaled incentives and the world’s aerospace giants like Boeing and Lufthansa Technik are keeping this industry soaring in Oklahoma.

Global research centers and new technologies are keeping this ingrained industry pushing forward. Oklahoma is 1st in rye production, 2nd in canola production, 5th in beef production and is home to a vast array of companies ranging from paper and packaging manufacturing to beverage production and fertilizer manufacturing.


Tax credits for engineers, transferrable skillsets, low energy costs and more have Oklahoma poised to be the next automotive hub. Oklahoma’s wages are among the most competitive in the country and our CareerTech, located across 169 sites throughout the state, offers training in specific pathways aligning with the automotive workforce demand.

World-renown research centers like the Noble Foundation and Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation are developing treatments and cures for disease and crop health. A culture of collaboration and innovation paired with significant investments at our research institutions makes Oklahoma a hotbed of life science, biomedical technology and research and development.


Oklahoma’s central location, diverse landscapes, professional workforce and low costs of living and business make it a formidable partner for the film, television and music industries.

With Oklahoma’s abundance of water and renewable energy and some of the lowest electricity rates in the U.S., companies like Google and Dell continue to grow in our state. It’s no surprise that data centers and back office support are investing in Oklahoma and its workforce.


A central location, multi-modal transportation system and impressive supply chains mean you can improve your bottom line in Oklahoma. From food processing and aerospace to pipe and plastics, thousands of manufacturing companies have found success operating here.

Institutional knowledge and a skilled workforce combined with abundant natural resources and a driven strategy make Oklahoma a leader in renewable energy. Not to mention we are 3rd in wind energy generation and 6th in solar potential.


Oklahoma has been on the forefront of energy exploration for more than 100 years and today is leading research and development to find technologies to support the world’s energy needs.

Oklahoma is at the center of it all. With 4 inland ports, 3,850 miles of rail and 12,000 miles of highway, it’s no wonder why we are a hub for logistics operations and distribution centers like Amazon, Dollar Tree, Macy’s and more.


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