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In 1897, even before Oklahoma’s statehood, Bartlesville’s Nellie Johnstone No. 1 became the state’s first profitable oil well, laying a firm foundation for our continued success as a leader and innovator in traditional energy. We are focused on fostering economic development, optimizing the existing energy systems and positioning Oklahoma for the future by maximizing our natural resources.
For 125 years, Oklahoma has been a leader and innovator in traditional energy. The state is focused on optimizing existing energy systems, maximizing natural resources and continuing to produce a skilled labor force.
Wes Seaman

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Wesley Seaman
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Energy Quick Facts

5 Refineries

Five petroleum refineries with a combined capacity of more than 500,000 barrels per day, approximately 3% of the total U.S. capacity.

#3 in Natural Gas

Third largest producer of natural gas in the U.S.

World's Largest Storage Facility

Cushing, Okla., is home to the world’s largest oil storage facility — and where the benchmark price in the domestic spot market for U.S. crude oil is set.


Research & Development

Home to the BHGE Energy Innovation Center of North America, one of 10 BHGE technology centers globally. As a global leader, GE knows the importance of research and development and is planning to triple R&D investment in the oil and gas industry in the next three years.


4 inland ports, including one of the largest, most inland ice-free river ports in the U.S., in addition to 3 intersecting interstate highways: I-40, I-35 and I-44 offering access to every corner of the U.S. and the world.

Energy Experts

Oklahoma companies specialize in valves, pumps, motors, heat exchangers, flow meters, instruments, pipelines and pipes, hydrocarbon handling and processing equipment, weather risk mitigation and more.

Energy Giants Call Oklahoma Home​

  • Access Midstream Partners
  • Chesapeake Energy
  • Continental Resources
  • Devon Energy
  • GE Oil & Gas
  • Halliburton Energy Services
  • OG&E
  • Oklahoma Natural Gas
  • SandRidge Energy
  • Schlumberger Technology

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