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Oklahoma State Energy Office

The State Energy Office at the Oklahoma Department of Commerce in partnership with the Oklahoma Secretary of Energy and Environment helps local governments and nonprofits increase the energy efficiency of buildings and facilities through grants, loans and other methods.

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State Energy Program

Rural Water Energy Efficiency Program

Program Period: Active

Program Guidance

Lighting Retrofit Program

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce is pleased to announce the nine Awardees of the 2023 Energy Efficiency Lighting Retrofit Program:

City of Alva: $38,780.00

City of Stillwater: $122,209.75

Moore Norman Technology Center: $136,610.00

City of Pryor Creek: $74,250.00

City of McAlester: $84,000.00

City of Glenpool: $134,917.26

City of Tahlequah: $80,000.00

City of Guthrie: $11,085.00

City of Moore: $42,330.00


Next Grant application opportunity:

The 2024 Lighting Retrofit Application Opportunity will be posted Summer/Fall 2024.

The 2023 Energy Efficiency Lighting Retrofit Program Applications are now available for local governments and public agencies.

The application period will be open in OKGrants until December 22, 2023 at 5 p.m. The Oklahoma Department of Commerce will be awarding up to $400,000 in projects, an increase from the $300,000 awarded in 2022. A prerecorded application webinar will be following within the next couple of weeks, and FAQs will be posted here on a regular basis. Applications and questions may be submitted to energyprograms@okcommerce.gov.

HOME and HERRA Rebate Programs

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce will be administering the forthcoming Federal rebate programs (total of $129,152,880). There are two different rebate programs:

Public Information Session for Upcoming Oklahoma Energy Rebate Programs

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce (Commerce) is releasing a request for information (RFI) to gather information and seek input for an upcoming solicitation and program design for two rebate programs.

Request for information is now available for public input from August 7 – September 15, 2023.

A public comment session will be held August 23, 2023, at 10 a.m.

Oklahoma Department of Commerce
Gallery 1-1
900 North Stiles Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73014

View the RFI

HOME Rebates

  • Home Efficiency Rebates Section 50121 of the Inflation Reduction Act
  • Individual household retrofits range from $2,000 (if retrofits reduce energy by at least 20 – 35%) – $4,000 (if retrofits reduce energy by at least 35%)
  • Multifamily rebates for retrofits – $400,000
  • Maximum rebates double for low- and moderate-income homes

HERRA Rebates

  • Home Electrification and Appliance Rebate Program Section 50122 of the Inflation Reduction Act
  • Point of Sale Rebates
  • Will provide 50% of cost for incomes 80-150% of area median income
  • Will provide 100% of cost for incomes 80% of area median income and below
  • $14,000 cap per household
    • $8,000 cap per heat pump
    • $1,750 for a heat pump water heater
    • $4,000 for a panel/service upgrade
    • Can also receive rebates for electric stoves, clothes dryers and insulation/air sealing measures.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I already purchased an appliance, can I be reimbursed later?

Since no guidance has been released, the answer is likely no. We do not yet know all the standards the equipment must meet or other requirements. Furthermore, households must be income qualified. The best way to ensure a possibility of reimbursement is to wait until guidance comes out and the Oklahoma Department of Commerce has designed the program according to federal requirements.

When will the rebate funds be available?

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce (ODOC) does not have an exact answer to this question yet. Guidance for program implementation was released by the U.S. Department of Energy in July 2023, but applications for funding are not due until January 2025. Due to the complex nature of this program, quality development will take time. It will be approximately 12 to 18 months before the rebate programs are available to the Oklahoma public (Winter 2025 – Summer 2025). 

Requirements for Loans + Grants

Energy efficiency measures must be identified through an energy assessment performed consistent with industry best practices and standards and lead to a reduction in energy usage.

For questions about the program, contact Amanda Marcott-Thottunkal at 405-815-5374 or amanda.marcott-thottunkal@okcommerce.gov.

Solar for All

Solar for All, a program of the U.S. EPA, will tackle the financial and non-financial barriers that limit the ability of low-income and disadvantaged communities across the country to benefit from the rapid growth in distributed solar capacity.

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce State Energy Office is pleased to announce a request for information is now available for the new Solar for All competitive funding that Oklahoma will be applying for from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA). The information gathered from the RFI will be used to inform future solicitation(s) and the grant application. The RFI can be found here on the Commerce website.

Grid Resiliency Grant

ODOC will make grant awards available to Eligible Entities through a competitive grant process to complete allowable resiliency measures in their service area. There will be two types of Eligible Entities – a general type and a small utility company (20,000 customers or fewer of a public utility). ODOC will give preference to Eligible Entities that directly provide electricity to the public and those who are considered a public utility or independent electric cooperative. Priority will also be given to Eligible Entities who serve rural Oklahoma residents. ODOC defines rural residents according to the U.S. Census parameters.

  • Can apply for up to $2,083,815
  • Must provide a cost match of at least 100%
  • Can apply for up to $750,000
  • Must provide a cost match of at least $250,000
  • Electric Grid Operators
  • Electricity Storage Operators
  • Electricity Generators
  • Transmission Owners or Operators
  • Distribution provider, and
  • Fuel suppliers
  • weatherization technologies and equipment
  • fire-resistant technologies and fire prevention systems
  • monitoring and control technologies
  • utility pole management
  • the relocation of power lines or the reconductoring of power lines with low-sag, advanced conductors
  • vegetation and fuel-load management
  • the use or construction of distributed energy resources for enhancing system adaptive capacity during disruptive events, including microgrids and battery-storage subcomponents
  • adaptive protection technologies
  • advanced modeling technologies
  • hardening of power lines, facilities, substations, of other systems
  • the replacement of old overhead conductors and underground cables
  • training, recruitment, retention, and reskilling of skilled and properly credentialed workers in order to perform the work required for the particular resilience measures to be funded under the Program.

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce will first request a letter of intent. Then those that are approved may move forward with the application process. This process may open-up as early as Spring 2024 or as late as Summer 2024.

In September 2023, the Department of Energy awarded $15,162,373 to Oklahoma via the Grid Resilience State and Tribal Formula Grants program, which is supported by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

State awards are based on a formula that includes factors such as population size, land area, probability and severity of disruptive events, and a locality’s historical expenditures on mitigation efforts.

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce is currently working diligently on an implantation plan to get this program up and running. It could be another 3-6 months before the program is operational. There will be a competitive process for qualified applicants to apply for the funding.

You can sign up for our energy programs email list on this page to receive notifications for the application process and other important updates as they become available. All updates will be posted on the website.

Grid Resilience and Innovation Partnerships (GRIP)

Topic Area 3 Section 40103(b)– Grid Innovation Program. This RFI is open December 14, 2023 – December 19, 2023.

As part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Grid Deployment Office is administering a $10.5 billion Grid Resilience and Innovation Partnerships (GRIP) Program to enhance grid flexibility and improve the resilience of the power system against growing threats of extreme weather. There are three topic areas under GRIP:

  1. Grid Resilience Utility and Industry Grants – 40101(c)**
  2. Smart Grid Grants – Section 40107
  3. Grid Innovation Program – Section 40103 (b)

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce (Commerce) is issuing this Request for Information (RFI) to determine whether or not there are any entities (public, private or nonprofit) interested in partnering with Commerce on Topic Area 3 – Grid Innovation, Section 40103 (b), or whether there are other public entities in Oklahoma already planning to submit a concept paper, which is due January 12, 2024.

Revolving Loan Funds

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce (Commerce), Community Development department, on behalf of the Oklahoma State Energy Office (SEO), is seeking information from Oklahoma lenders, banking institutions and subject matter experts, to help develop a new Oklahoma Energy Efficiency Co-Lending Fund for the State of Oklahoma. Commerce has received an allocation of $7,592,300 from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) under its Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan Fund Capitalization Grant Program, established by Section 40502 of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which will provide the funding for the new program. In the event the program is successful, the SEO will consider expanding the loan program to additional markets and adding additional funds remaining from the Stripper Well Restitution Program, Exxon Restitution Program and other loan funding awarded during the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. To see the Request for Information, please visit the link below. The RFI is open December 19, 2023, until February 29, 2024.

Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant

*Coming soon*


The State Energy Office issues loans for the implementation of energy efficiency measures. Examples include HVAC and lighting upgrades.


Eligible tax-exempt entities include school districts, units of local government, and State government agencies that are physically located in the state of Oklahoma.

Opportunities to Apply

The loan program is being redesigned to better meet current market needs. Loan funds are on hold at this time. 


Grants are competitively awarded based on a proposed project’s reduction of energy costs and energy waste, promotion of economic growth, and the improvement in environmental quality.

Examples include lighting retrofits, door/window upgrades, and wastewater energy efficiency upgrades.


Local governments, public education institutions, non-profits and state agencies located in Oklahoma.

Opportunities to Apply

When grant funds are available, interested applicants will respond to a public Request for Proposal (RFP). RFPs are posted to the OMES Central Purchasing Open Solicitations page.

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