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Business Incubators

Accelerate the success and development of your start-up by enlisting the help of a small business incubator. Incubators provide entrepreneurs with an array of targeted resources, services and professional advice.

Business Benefits

The Oklahoma Small Business Incubators Incentives Act enables the tenants of a certified incubator facility to be exempt from state tax liability on income earned as a result of occupancy for up to five years. In 2001, the Legislature amended the act to extend the tenant’s tax exemption from five to 10 years. When they qualify, the exemption remains in effect after the tenant is no longer an incubator occupant. 

Find an Incubator

Small business incubators are located throughout the state. The Oklahoma Department of Commerce certifies incubators and provides a directory.

Information for Incubators

We certify incubators to assure they meet certain standards of excellence. To certify your business incubator, contact Cathy Curtis at cathy.curtis@okcommerce.gov or 405-815-5262.

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