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Trade + Export Services

Reach new customers and grow your business.

Before investing in the business of exporting it is important to gain knowledge of trade fundamentals and opportunities. We can guide you through the process of adding export capability to an existing business or starting a new trade-based company. Alongside our partners, we are here to help you create a comprehensive international business plan and find cost-effective solutions to help achieve your goals.
Our Global Team and partner agencies help companies develop international business plans and navigate trade issues with one-on-one counseling, assistance and training.
Nicole Boyles
Nicole Boyles
State Director, International Trade & Exports

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Companies of all sizes can benefit from exporting their products to markets outside of the United States. Selling to international markets opens your business to the 96% of the world’s consumers located in other countries. These new markets and customers also diversify your customer base and improve your company’s ability to weather changes and seasonal variability in the domestic market.

Trade + Export Services
When American companies sell internationally they benefit from the reputation of the U.S. for innovation, quality and honest business practices.

Trade Consultants

Commerce has engaged Trade Consultants to assist Oklahoma businesses and rural communities in connecting with businesses around the world. “Global Opportunities Oklahoma” or “GO Oklahoma” is a visionary program aimed at empowering rural companies to access the diverse markets of Asia, Europe, and the Canada-Mexico trade corridor.


The Oklahoma STEP Fund makes matching-fund grants to assist small Oklahoma businesses with starting or growing their exports. Funds help small companies attend major international business events to gain new business-to-business relationships and expand sales to customers outside of the United States. 

Trade Shows

The agency attends and hosts booths at trade shows to provide opportunities for Oklahoma exporters to meet international buyers, distributors or representatives. By organizing trade missions and international trade shows, the Global Team reduces the cost to exhibit for Oklahoma companies and provides valuable business-to-business matchmaking opportunities.

Market Research

Our Global Team analyzes the exporting capabilities of individual Oklahoma companies to help them prepare to enter new markets or sell new products to known markets. We provide counseling on a variety of export issues, such as tariff and non-tariff trade barriers, financing, regulations, policies and standards, competitive factors, contracts and distribution practices.

For your no-cost consultation, contact the Global Team at robert.oglesby@okcommerce.gov.

Your Trade Experts

Robert Oglesby
Robert Oglesby
Trade Specialist
Nicole Boyles
Nicole Boyles
State Director, International Trade and Exports
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