Oklahoma’s Hydrogen Energy Task Force

In 2021, Oklahoma launched the Hydrogen Production, Transportation, and Infrastructure Task Force (OK H2 Task Force). As the nation’s demand for low carbon hydrogen fuel grows, Oklahoma’s pioneering culture, robust university research and business friendly environment combined with the state’s geographically advantageous location has set it up to be a leader in the hydrogen economy.
Learn how Oklahoma is set up to be a leader in the hydrogen economy.
Wes Seaman

Meet our hydrogen expert.

Wes Seaman
Energy Specialist
The Task Force Focused on:
State-of-the-Art in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, nearly 47% of the state’s electricity is generated from renewable sources. Oklahoma currently produces roughly 65% more energy than is needed within the state. With much of the rest of the world short on energy supplies, Oklahoma companies have the potential to increase export markets and ease the suffering of humans in less resource rich areas.

Oklahoma is home to state-of-the-art hydrogen production facilities, hydrogen related equipment manufacturers, and long-standing carbon sequestration facilities. The hydrogen industrial entities operating today provide a solid foundation for leveraging the State’s growing renewable energy production and expansive water supplies to produce zero carbon hydrogen.

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The Hydrogen Production, Transportation, and Infrastructure Task Force (OK H2 Task Force) was established by Senate Bill 1021 to research, collaborate, and submit this report on the viability of growing the production, use, supply chain, and infrastructure for a hydrogen economy within the state and for energy export.

Hydrogen Production Transportation Infrastructure Task Force Report

Oklahoma Hydrogen Resources Map

Map layers include Petroleum refineries, EV Corridors, Power Plants, Proposed Hydrogen Fuel Stations and more.

Why Oklahoma

#1 Lowest Unemployment Insurance

Lowest Unemployment Insurance Tax in the U.S. (Tax Foundation, 2021) 

#1 State Business Tax Climate

Unemployment Insurance Tax Rank

#6 Largest Renewable Energy Growth

Largest Increase in Renewable Energy Production (Energy Information Administration)  

Best Colleges for the Money

#4 & #10 2021 Best Colleges for the money in the SW Region — Oklahoma City University, University of Tulsa (collegefactual.com) 

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