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Renewable Energy

Clean power for a brighter future.

Oklahoma’s energy expertise extends well beyond traditional energy to geothermal, solar and wind and we’re leading the way with a diverse energy plan.

Renewable Quick Facts

#3 in Installed Wind Capacity

Third in the U.S. for installed wind capacity and sixth for solar potential.

#4 in Wind Jobs

Fourth in the U.S. for wind energy employment.

32% Wind + Solar

One third of Oklahoma’s electricity generated from renewable resources – an increase from less than 1/10 a decade ago.


With a centralized U.S. location, immediate proximity to wind projects, and a position in the heart of the wind corridor, Oklahoma is the ideal site for wind generation, tower and blade production, turbine component manufacturing, repair and maintenance operations, and industry R&D.

Oklahoma’s manufacturers continue to expand and thrive from castings, machining, bearings and gears to forges, fabrications and suspended climbing systems, your potential suppliers are right here in Oklahoma.


Oklahoma’s centralized location provides cost advantages to solar manufacturers for their supply chain and product transportation, and gives companies easy access to consumer markets across the U.S., Mexico and Canada via the state’s port and interstate system infrastructure.


Oklahoma Mesonet

Collects weather data, including solar and wind speeds, across 120 stations spanning all 77 Oklahoma counties.


A centralized location combined with solar and wind potential put Oklahoma at the forefront of renewable capacity.

Powerful Workforce

Oklahoma’s nationally-recognized CareerTech centers offer specialized training to prepare students for careers in solar and wind energy. Specialized renewable and sustainable energy degree programs are offered through multiple Oklahoma colleges and universities.

Engineering the Future

Oklahoma’s colleges and universities graduate an average of more than 200 electrical and electronics engineers and more than 150 construction and engineering technology/technicians per year – a 53% increase from 2011 to 2015.

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