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Auto companies are a driving force in Oklahoma.

With the automotive industry in the U.S. moving increasingly westward, Oklahoma is ideally situated to meet the needs of OEMs and auto parts manufacturers, both in terms of its central location, low costs (both operating costs and wages), right to work status and availability of workers with required technical skillsets.

Quick Facts

  • From Oklahoma, you can reach every OEM manufacturing facility in the U.S. within a 24-hour drive.
  • Electricity rates 22% below the national average. Oklahoma has a balanced energy mix of traditional and renewable sources with 32% of the state’s total energy production from wind and solar.
  • Oklahoma is a constitutional right-to-work state with low unemployment insurance taxes and programs to significantly reduce hiring and training start-up costs.

Industry Assets + Advantages

Oklahoma’s Automotive Engineer Workforce Tax Credit

Allows automotive companies hiring engineers in a variety of fields to receive tax credits equal to 5% of the compensation paid to an engineer and 10% if the engineer graduated from an Oklahoma college or university, plus another credit of up to 50% of the tuition reimbursed to an employee. Additionally, the engineer hired receives a tax credit of $5,000 per year.

Transferrable Skill Sets

Two of Oklahoma’s key industry sectors, aerospace and energy offer a baseline of skills and knowledge that can easily be adapted and retrained to meet the specific needs of auto manufacturers.

Most EV Friendly

Oklahoma is ranked #1 most Electric Vehicle friendly state in the U.S.

Ready to Train

Oklahoma CareerTech, located across 169 sites throughout the state, with more than 7,500 enrollments annually, offers training in specific pathways aligning with the automotive workforce demand.

Oklahoma is ideally situated for the growing automotive sector.
Hear why from Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and Lt. Gov Matt Pinnell.

Southern U.S. Automotive Corridor

Map of the contiguous United States showing Oklahoma's location and proximity to automotive manufacturing entities in the southern U.S.

These Auto Companies Are a Driving Force in Oklahoma

  • Spiers New Technologies – Car Battery Refurbishing
  • Michelin Tire – Tires
  • Goodyear – Tires
  • Henniges Automotive – Anti-Vibration Products
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