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Workforce Development

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce and our partners work together to develop and sustain Oklahoma’s workforce. Education and training programs create a pipeline of talent so companies can hire a qualified workforce and Oklahomans can find quality jobs that pay well and build wealth for our families and communities.

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Training + Job Placement Services

Our workforce services can help your business find the skilled workers you need now and develop a pipeline of talent for the future.

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Customized Labor Market Analysis

We provide detailed analyses with demographic information, commuting patterns, unemployment data, and compatible and transferable skills from other occupations as well as their associated wages.

Talent Acquisition Services

Oklahoma’s Talent Acquisition Services team can assist you in meeting your recruitment needs. We will provide a single point of contact for all of your human-resource needs, identify qualified talent and develop interview schedules. Additionally, the team offers vocational counseling, promotes placement and provides other employment services.

Training for Industry Program

Whether you’re an expanding Oklahoma company or new in our state, our nationally acclaimed Training for Industry Program (TIP) can help you create the quality workforce you need, all at little or no cost to you. TIP is delivered through Oklahoma’s system of 59 technology center campuses across the state. Services include job analysis, training needs assessment, pre-employment training, pre-production training, post-production training, instructional materials and development, training supplies, and more.


Job Fairs + Hiring Events

When it’s time to get your workforce lined up, we can help you host job fairs and hiring events, providing both space and manpower. These events are staffed by experienced job fair personnel who will organize and provide public outreach to promote your event. We provide assistance with applicant screening as well as resume or application collection. These events can be held in conjunction with other employers, or customized for just your business.

Workforce Resources

Employer Portal

The Oklahoma Works website is a portal for the state’s employers and employees to find and access workforce services from across various state agencies. Employers can easily find business services like training programs and tax and labor law filings in one location.

Job Postings + Employee Search

Employers can post vacancies and browse resumes on OKJobMatch.com at no cost. Use the job-matching feature to see a customized list of resumes, showing only job seekers with relevant qualifications.

Education Profiles by Region

Oklahoma’s post-secondary institutions partner with industry to provide customized curriculums and workforce incentives. Regional profiles for workforce pipelines show details on majors, recent and future graduates, partnership programs and other data.

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