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Aerospace + Defense Report

Oklahoma’s Aerospace + Defense Team provides services to Oklahoma’s aerospace and defense industry sector and promotes the state as a premier destination for expanding and relocating aviation, aerospace, defense and autonomous systems companies.

2022 Report

Download our report on Oklahoma’s aerospace and defense industry and the ACES program. 

Report Highlights 2022

Aerospace + Defense Economic Development Progress

Since 2018, the state has invested $4.4 million in the ACES program. Over that time, the ACES team has secured $1.2 billion in new capital investment.

10 Project Wins

60% were metro area wins and 40% were rural area wins.

$69.9 Million

The 10 announcements are expected to generate $69.9 million in capital investment.

1,088 New Jobs

5,018 additional new jobs with an average annual salary of $63,279 remained in the pipeline at the end of 2022.

$1.8 Billion

With the close of 2022, Commerce had 66 open A&D projects (potential for $1.8 billion in capital investment).

Major Aerospace + Defense News and Announcements

Hundreds of Foreign Investment Jobs at Oklahoma Air & Space Port

Governor Kevin Stitt and local leaders announced that Premium Aerospace Center (PAC) will locate its international headquarters at the Oklahoma Air & Space Port complex in Burns Flat, Okla. PAC will invest several million dollars to renovate and expand two existing hangars and build a third hangar at the facility. PAC initially plans to hire upward of 30 employees with plans for future investments exceeding $120 million, over the next few years, and a total job creation of between 450 to 600 employees. PAC signed a long-term lease and business development agreement at the aerospace industrial park and FAA-licensed spaceport at the Clinton-Sherman Airport. The renovated hangars and new hangar will accommodate 737 and larger aircraft for paint and interior remodeling for airline companies with strategies to further expand its business model. The company estimates as many as 600 new jobs to be added once the hangars are complete.

“We were impressed by Governor Stitt’s enthusiasm and warm invitation to establish our operations in Oklahoma,” said Lucas Conde, PAC General Manager. “The infrastructure investment by the State and the Department of Commerce and the Governor’s ‘can-do’ attitude solidified our decision to make our investment in Oklahoma.”

Oklahoma Aerospace Takes Flight in Documentary Film

In 2022, a documentary three years in the making premiered at EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, Wisc. “Inside the Sky: The Oklahoma Aerospace Documentary” was created by film maker Nik Coleman. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Coleman pushed forward with the creation of this film which charts the history and growth of the Oklahoma aerospace industry. It highlights the growth, adaption and innovation of Oklahoma’s aerospace sector and its companies. ACES partnered with Coleman on the creation of the documentary and connected him with Oklahoma companies and organizations in order to tell this important story.


PAS MRO, a world-class independent Bearing Return to Service and Component Repair and Overhaul Company, announced plans to relocate its operations from Irvine, Calif., to Bristow, Okla. PAS MRO’s relocation, which was completed in late 2020, will create 37 new jobs and represents an investment of $3.2 million to the local economy.

ACES Aerospace + Defense Recruiting Strategy

The state’s A&D industries are vast and highly complex. In order to maximize efforts, the ACES team is focusing on 4 broad-based objectives that are designed to provide the greatest return. These strategic pillars provide the basis for our state’s A&D strategy:

Provide the infrastructure to recruit, educate, and train the workforce needed to sustain and grow the aerospace industry within the state.

Create an environment to attract startups of advanced technologies (additive technologies, batteries, electric propulsion, commercial space, unmanned systems) that are interwoven and connected to one another.

Develop a university-led innovation cluster to support the aerospace and defense industry of the future.

Position Oklahoma to be the center of
excellence for the aviation engine sustainment enterprise.

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