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The Policy, Research and Economic Analysis Division provides decision makers with timely data and analyses to assist them in the formulation of social and economic policies. We have reports about Oklahoma’s economy, businesses and workforce.

Oklahoma - By the numbers.

Aerospace + Defense Report

Annual report on Oklahoma’s aerospace and defense industry sector and the ACES program.

Oklahoma’s Fortune 500​

Annual report on Fortune 500 companies located and headquartered in Oklahoma.

New + Expanding Businesses​

Quarterly and annual report on publicly announced expansions with job and investment amounts and locations.

Oklahoma’s Largest Employers​

Report on Oklahoma’s largest employers with rankings.

Oklahoma’s Foreign-owned Companies​

Employment and number of companies in the state by parent company nation. 

Consumer Price Index ​

Detailed information on Oklahoma’s CPI and comparisons with the region and nation.

Global Report

Detailed information on Oklahoma’s top exports and trade partners and sources of foreign direct investment.

Military Impact Study​

Economic impact study of Oklahoma’s five military installations.

Small Business Incubator Report

Annual report on Oklahoma’s certified small business incubators and outcomes.

Tax Increment Financing Districts​

Comprehensive list of Oklahoma’s TIF districts.

DEQ Full Report

The Economic Impact of Oklahoma’s Water Loss Auditing and Control Program.

Oklahoma Enterprise Zones Performance Report

Annual report on Oklahoma’s Enterprise Zones and their performance.

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