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Global Trade Report

Oklahoma’s Global Team offers trade and export assistance to Oklahoma companies looking to sell their products and services in the global marketplace and promotes the state to international companies looking to relocate or expand in the U.S.

Global Report 2020

Download our annual report on Oklahoma’s exports and foreign direct investment. 

Trade Report Highlights 2020

Oklahoma Exports Quick Facts

  • $5.37 billion in total exports from more than 2,640 Oklahoma exporters
  • In 2020, 67% of total exports from Oklahoma were attributed to the top 9 countries.
  • Small- and medium-sized firms account for 84% of Oklahoma’s exporters.

Oklahoma’s Top Export Countries

Country 2020 Exports 1-Year Growth 10-Year Growth Percent/Share of Total Trade
Canada$1,451,837,283 -8.16%-25%27%
Mexico$501,292,541 -38.88%-4.67%9%
Germany$462,998,458 -18.46%193%9%
Japan$257,447,021 -9.21%-36%5%
Netherlands$228,823,438 -11.36%91%4%
China$227,892,886 7.44%-38%4%
Singapore$174,170,702 16.25%3%3%
South Africa$163,313,821 94.48%559%3%
Korea$153,166,942 46.45%74%3%
All Others$1,755,032,092 -13.26%-28%33%

Top Oklahoma Export Categories

Industrial Machinery (includes computers)31%$1.88 billion
Electric Machinery 11%$711 million
Aircraft, Spacecraft and Parts11%$664 million
Chemical Products7%$430 million
Optic, Photo, Medical or Surgical Instruments6%$360 million
Vehicles 4%$257 million
Investment Report Highlights 2020

Investment Quick Facts

  • Major sources of foreign investment in the state include Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Australia, Sweden, Mexico, Belgium and Italy.
  • Over the past five years, FDI companies have invested $2.3 billion into Oklahoma, creating almost 3,000 jobs with an average wage over $48,000.

Foreign Investment in Oklahoma

Country Business Establishments in Oklahoma Employment in Oklahoma
United Kingdom644,439
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