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Quality Jobs Incentive Program

Incentives to Qualifying Businesses Making New Payroll Investments of $2.5 Million or More.

Oklahoma’s successful Quality Jobs incentive program promotes job growth and helps improve your company’s bottom line by injecting cash back into your business as you expand and create new jobs in Oklahoma. The Quality Jobs program provides a cash payment to companies that create well-paying jobs and promote economic development.

10-year Cash Incentive

This program provides quarterly cash payments up to 5% of new payrolls for up to 10 years. Companies must achieve an average wage threshold and $2.5 million in new annual payrolls within three years to qualify. Companies must offer basic health insurance to employees. In some cases, qualifying companies must also attain 75% out-of-state sales.

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Special Incentive Areas

Automatic 5% Areas

In certain counties designated as economically challenged, a 5% net benefit rate automatically applies.

Opportunity Zones

Quality Jobs Program minimum wage requirements do not apply to Opportunity Zones.

Enterprise Zones

The Investment/New Jobs Tax Credit Package doubles in Enterprise Zones.

Incentives Map

Launch our interactive map to view each of these areas. View multiple layers at once and search for addresses.


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