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The Oklahoma Department of Commerce publishes brochures on economic development programs and services.

Site Selection
Locations, incentives and business programs
Oklahoma Business Expansion and Relocation Guide

Oklahoma Business Expansion and Relocation Guide

All-in-one piece that gives an overview of Oklahoma, the services Commerce offers for businesses/site selectors and the business case for Oklahoma.

Quality of Life Brochure

Quality of Life

A casual overview of what life is like in Oklahoma; includes testimonials from people who’ve moved to Oklahoma.

Aerospace + Defense
Dedicated aerospace + defense team and special programs and incentives
Oklahoma Aerospace Brief Cover

Aerospace Sector

An extensive overview of Oklahoma’s Aerospace & Defense industry, including programs and services offered to Aerospace companies.

Unmanned Systems

Why Oklahoma is the premier location for the ever-evolving unmanned systems sector.

Defense Industry Bifold

Defense Industry

Oklahoma’s defense expertise extends well beyond traditional defense.

ACES Strategic Pan Cover

Aerospace & Defense Strategic Plan

Oklahoma’s aerospace and defense strategic plan.

Aerospace Team

Overview of Commerce Aerospace Team and the Services offered to Oklahoma aerospace companies.

Air & Space Port

Overview of Commerce Aerospace Team and the Services offered to Oklahoma aerospace companies.

Key Industries
Information, programs and incentives
Automotive Sector Brochure cover

Automotive Sector

An overview of the Automotive industry and key selling points for automotive operations in Oklahoma.

Automotive Accelerator Program

Overview of Automotive Accelerator Program and key selling points for automotive operations in Oklahoma.

Film + Music

Overview of Oklahoma’s film and music sector in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Film + Music Office Lookbook cover

Film + Music Lookbook

An overview of film, television and music locations ranging in diversity and size in Oklahoma.

Distribution & Transportation Bifold Cover

Distribution & Transportation

Overview of Oklahoma’s Distribution & Transportation Sector.

Manufacturing One Sheet cover


Overview of Oklahoma’s Manufacturing Sector.

Renewable Energy

Overview of Oklahoma’s renewable energy sector and clean power.

Traditional Energy

Overview of Oklahoma’s oil and gas energy sector in Oklahoma.

Incentive programs
Incentives Brochure

Oklahoma Incentives and Tax Credit Programs

An overview of the incentives available in the state – brief descriptions of each.

Enterprise Zone Incentive Leverage Act One Sheet

Oklahoma Enterprise Zone Incentive Leverage Act

Overview of Oklahoma Enterprise Zone incentives in Oklahoma.

Business Expansion Incentive Program One Sheet Cover

Business Expansion Incentive Program

Overview of business incentive expansion program for in-state companies.

Quality Events Act One Sheet

Quality Events Act

Overview of quality events act requirements and application process.

Tourism Development Act

Tourism Development Act

Overview of tourism development act for developers.

P3 Incentive One Sheet

P3 Pooled Finance Program

Overview of the P3 program for infrastructure development.

Oklahoma Innovation Expansion Program One Sheet

Oklahoma Innovation Expansion Program

Overview of OIEP for new capital investment.

Federal Opportunity Zones

Overview of Opportunity Zones and Opportunity Funds.

SIDE Act cover

SIDE Act Program

Overview of the Oklahoma Strategic Industrial Development Enhancement (SIDE) Act.

P3 for Education and Workforce Development

Overview of the P3 program for education and workforce development.

Programs & Services
Local business and community support

Regional Development Specialists

Overview of the Regional Development Specialist team and list of services they provide.

Connex Rack Card

Connex Oklahoma

Overview of the Connex Oklahoma Program.


Overview of the LocateOK site promotion program for communities.

Research One Sheet

Research Services

Overview of Community and Business Services offered by the Research Dept. at Commerce.

Certification for Women-Owned Businesses

Provides an overview of certification for women-owned businesses and how we can assist in the application process.

STEP Fund One Sheet

STEP Fund - Small Business Grant for Exporting

Provides an overview of State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) grant funding to assist eligible small businesses with export development.

Weatherization Program

Provides an overview of the Weatherization program, who is eligible and how to apply.

SITES Program RDS Half Sheet cover

SITES Program

Provides an overview of the Supporting Industrial Transformation & Economic Success (SITES) Program, who is eligible and how to apply.

Supporting Oklahoma Companies one sheet cover

Supporting Oklahoma Companies

Provides an overview of the tools the business development team offers to grow your existing company and build for the future.

SITES Ready Program

Provides an overview of the program that helps communities understand modern and relevant expectations for site/industrial park readiness and ways to build a sustainable future of jobs and community investment. 

Trade + Foreign Investment
Reports and trade programs
Global Report 2023 cover

Global Report

Annual trade and FDI information and overview of services for Oklahoma companies.

Trade Consulting One Sheet Cover

Trade Consulting

Learn more about Go Oklahoma being the next step in helping Oklahoma businesses diversify by entering international markets.

Information, programs and incentives
Oklahoma Works Together Brochure Cover image

Oklahoma Works Together

Overview of the Oklahoma Works Together initiative and Oklahoma’s workforce centers of excellence.

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