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Services and programs to promote retention and expansion of existing companies in Oklahoma

As the central economic development agency for the state of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Department of Commerce works to create an environment that promotes an increase in jobs, investment and economic prosperity in the state. The Oklahoma Team is ready to help existing businesses of all sizes in the state as they look to increase growth opportunities and diversification.

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Regional Development Services

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce is dedicated to providing the support and tools necessary for Oklahoma companies to grow and thrive in our state. The Regional Development Specialist (RDS) Team offers hands-on assistance as well as referrals to resource and program providers to help support businesses statewide.

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Business Growth


Commerce administers multiple incentives that work to help existing companies increase capital investment, grow workforce and diversify operations. Some of these incentives include the Quality Jobs Program, the Oklahoma Rural Jobs Act, the Business Expansion Incentive Program and the Oklahoma Innovation Expansion Program.

Small Business Export Assistance

Commerce’s International Trade & Exports team help companies develop international business plans and navigate trade issues and opportunities with one-on-one counseling, assistance and training. The GO Oklahoma program is helping small businesses in rural areas of the state find trade opportunities in Asia, Europe and the Canada-Mexico markets. Commerce also administers the State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) made available through the U.S. Small Business Administration to help small businesses increase export sales and diversify into international markets.

Connex Oklahoma

Connex Oklahoma

A collaborative effort between Commerce and the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance, Connex Oklahoma is a free online database that helps manufacturers find alternate suppliers, view their supply chain visually, avoid supply chain risks and find local suppliers.

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