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Custom Research

Empowerment through data.

Our Research Team provides data and analysis services to Oklahoma’s businesses, communities, governments, and non-profits. Contact us today to find out how we can help. Call 800-879-6552.

Our services

Esri Business Analyst Reports

Increase revenue by attracting the right mix of retail to your community with our Business Analyst Reports powered by data from Esri. Target new businesses based on our localized consumer demand and market analysis. Also, identify the optimal business expansion locations based on traffic count profiles.

Supply Chain Reports

Businesses need to know who their customers are and identify the most efficient and cost-effective suppliers. Our team gets to know your business to identify new opportunities for you. Reports are compiled from an industry analysis, surveys, Bloomberg Terminal review, and supply chain reviews of your peers and competitors.

Economic and Industry Impact Reports

Understand and demonstrate the economic impact of your project or program with a custom impact analysis report. We use the latest in economic software and tailor reports to the needs of businesses, communities, and non-profit organizations.


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