Automotive Roundtable: Industry Updates and the Future of EV

Last week, commerce representatives and industry leaders met for the quarterly Automotive roundtable. Commerce led the discussion giving a brief overview of automotive in Oklahoma, the future in electric vehicles, workforce issues, manufacturing efficiencies, and motorsports in Oklahoma.

Attendees included:

  • Brent Kisling, Oklahoma Department of Commerce Executive Director
  • Jennifer Springer, Oklahoma Department of Commerce Director of Business Development
  • Jimmy Cagle, Oklahoma Department of Commerce Automotive Director
  • Jason Baffrey, Oklahoma Department of Commerce Automotive Project Manager
  • Kinnee Tilly, Vice President, Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance
  • Mark Funke and John Reid , Oklahoma Business Roundtable

Representatives from the following companies:

  • Stillwater Designs (Kicker)
  • Disco Automotive
  • SeatbeltPlanet
  • Liberty Forged
  • Carbon Shock Technologies, Inc.
  • Keco
  • Covercraft
  • University of Tulsa
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