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Companies fed up with California’s anti-business policies are fleeing the state. Find out why coastal businesses are choosing Oklahoma for their next relocation and expansion projects. And why you should, too.

Oklahoma’s business-friendly policies and low cost of living are a breath of fresh air.



There's no better place to do business.

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A hard-earned dollar goes a lot further in Oklahoma.

State-to-state rankings

In July 2020, California-based PAS MRO announced plans to move its operations from California to Oklahoma.

Oklahoma’s business-friendly policies and climate, availability of highly trained workers, the proximity to our customer base and the lower costs of doing business and living in Oklahoma; were all factors that lead to our decision.

Jim Agee, PAS MRO

Discover how these talented employees have thrived while working for Oklahoma companies.

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Centrally Located

Location and transportation infrastructure provide access to receive and deliver goods around the world.
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Our pro-business incentives give companies a competitive advantage.
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The Perfect Place

Interactive maps and available properties, everything you need to know about opening a business in or relocating to Oklahoma.
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Stories of Success

Stories about the companies flourishing in Oklahoma and how we support them.
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Let's Get Started

If your business is considering expanding or re-locating, consider Oklahoma. Contact us today for information, site selection, incentives and more.

As one of the first states to re-open amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Oklahoma’s film and television industry is back in business.

Oklahoma is ready to welcome production with a camera-ready workforce, film-friendly businesses, critical resources and reliable infrastructure.

Our state has a wide range of filming locations throughout 12 eco-regions, from the trademark great plains and sweeping prairies to unexpected lush forests, urban destinations, expansive plateaus and sand dunes. 

Hear why film and music talent choose to live and work in Oklahoma.

Living in Oklahoma

Housing Cost / Sq. Ft.



You can afford a much larger and nicer house in Oklahoma with the money you save living here.


Housing costs in California push rent and mortgages much higher than in Oklahoma.

Residential Electrical Cost / kWh


Electricity is inexpensive in Oklahoma, and clean — thanks to  abundant wind, hydro and solar.


California’s residential electricity costs are significantly higher than in Oklahoma.

Arts + Entertainment

Oklahoma is home to exciting and culturally important arts and entertainment.

Great Outdoors

Oklahoma gives you a surprising variety of outdoor adventures. 

Home + Family

More time with the people you love, and better living — all at a lower cost.

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