Commerce Team Tours Blackwell Businesses

This week, Commerce executives visited four companies in Blackwell, Okla. The companies included Cupid Intimates, CFM Foundry, BOSTD, America, LLC and Sooner State Pattern Works. During the visits, Commerce staff spoke with business leaders and toured the facilities to learn more about operations. 

Starting the tours with Cupid Intimates, the Commerce team was able to see the facility which now serves as the company’s corporate headquarters and operations facility. The company has manufacturing facilities in Nicaragua and Mexico with products sold in virtually every major department store, including Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and Walmart. 

CFM Foundry (Casting, Fabrication and Machining), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kice Industries, Inc., started in Blackwell in 1975 when Kice Industries built a foundry to provide gray and ductile castings to satisfy the company’s needs. In addition to providing castings for Kice, CFM Foundry now serves a growing number of outside customers.


BOSTD America, LLC is a U.S. company founded in 2015 that imports, warehouses, and sells geosynthetic construction products (primarily biaxial geogrids) in North America. Biaxial geogrids consist of an oriented polymer mesh normally installed under or within the stone base of a road, parking lot or other pavement. This technology creates more efficient and longer lasting roads, parking lots, etc. In 2018, the company commissioned a new manufacturing plant in Blackwell which serves as the company’s headquarters, manufacturing plant and primary warehouse/distribution facility. 

Lastly, the Commerce team visited Sooner State Pattern Works, a small company that employs around 12 people. The company has been in Blackwell for over 25 years, providing patterns for a variety of materials to be cast, such as aluminum, investment, wood, plastic, cast iron and more. The company most notably makes patterns for parts to be cast for several industries including Oil Field Equipment, Agriculture, Aircraft, Automotive, Industrial Engines, Military Defense Equipment, and Food Processing Equipment. 

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