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Energy Efficiency Grants + Loans

The State Energy Office at the Oklahoma Department of Commerce helps local governments and nonprofits increase the energy efficiency of buildings and facilities.


The State Energy Office issues loans for the implementation of energy efficiency measures. Examples include HVAC and lighting upgrades.


Eligible tax-exempt entities include school districts, units of local government, and State government agencies that are physically located in the state of Oklahoma.

Opportunities to Apply

The loan program is being redesigned to better meet current market needs. Loan funds are on hold at this time. 


Grants are competitively awarded based on a proposed project’s reduction of energy costs and energy waste, promotion of economic growth, and the improvement in environmental quality.

Examples include lighting retrofits, door/window upgrades, and wastewater energy efficiency upgrades.


Local governments, public education institutions, non-profits and state agencies located in Oklahoma.

Opportunities to Apply

When grant funds are available, interested applicants will respond to a public Request for Proposal (RFP). RFPs are posted to the OMES Central Purchasing Open Solicitations page.

Requirements for Loans + Grants

Energy efficiency measures must be identified through an energy assessment performed consistent with industry best practices and standards and lead to a reduction in energy usage.

For questions about the program, contact Amanda Marcott-Thottunkal at 405-815-5374 or amanda.marcott-thottunkal@okcommerce.gov.

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