Group Supports Science and Technology Growth

Article by Jim Stafford for The Oklahoman

The Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) was created by the state Legislature during the depth of the oil bust in 1987. OCAST was established to diversify and grow Oklahoma’s economy through science and technology-based activities that would ensure that the state would not depend on any one industry sector.

Along the way, OCAST developed nationally acclaimed research support programs and strategic partnerships that today are advancing research and development, technology inventions, innovations, entrepreneurship and STEM-related jobs across multiple industry sectors, including aerospace and defense, bioscience and biotechnology, information technology and advanced manufacturing.

“Oklahoma has a storied history in making things, growing things, inventing things and doing innovative entrepreneurial things that are foundational for increased growth and scalability,” said C. Michael Carolina, OCAST executive director. “Together with our strategic partners and alliances, we are supporting cutting-edge R&D, technology-based startups, small business and workforce development by growing a culture of innovation across Oklahoma and transforming Oklahoma into a major technology corridor.”

OCAST has funded nearly 2,700 projects over the past three decades and realized a 22:1 return for every dollar of state investment. The $294 million invested in research and development through OCAST has returned $6.5 billion in total economic impact, including private-sector and federal funding, investment in facilities, jobs and sales. And, the OCAST Intern Partnership program has been described as a “win-win-win” for the state’s colleges and universities, businesses and students in talent development, retention and recruiting.

OCAST pursues economic development through a collaboration that involves government, business and academia. Its strategic partners are the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance (OMA), now in its 25th year; i2E Inc., now in its 20th year; and OSU’s New Product Development Center, now in its 15th year of operation.

Together, the strategic partners comprise the Oklahoma Innovation Model, which leverages the state’s assets to help increase research capacity in the state and to launch and grow Oklahoma companies for sustainable growth. OCAST and its partners have celebrated spectacular successes that go far beyond the numbers.

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