Governor Stitt Jasco Tour

Jasco Products Announces $40 Million Plant Upgrade

Jasco Products was joined by Governor Kevin Stitt as the company announced that it will be investing $40 million in automating its production facility in Oklahoma City. The company, which creates electronics and lighting products, was founded in 1978 in Oklahoma. Today, it employs nearly 500 people.

“We like to think we’re one of Oklahoma’s best-kept secrets and we’re trying to change that today,” Jason Trice, Jasco CEO, said. “We’ve never needed incentives to relocate to Oklahoma City because Oklahoma has always been home – it’s the only place that we’d ever want to be.”

The company will utilize the automation to provide a safer, more ergonomic workplace and does not anticipate reducing staffing levels.

“We’ve invested $40 million in renovating this facility, which allows us to fit about 70% more products in this location and consolidate six different locations spread over multiple states all back here in Oklahoma City in one operation,” Trice said. “That gives us more efficiency as well.”

Governor Stitt toured the 500,000-square-foot facility as part of the announcement.

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