Oklahoma – The State of Connectivity

With 3 inland ports, 137 public-use airports, 3,850 miles of rail and 12,000 miles of highway, Oklahoma is America’s hub. Oklahoma’s central location makes the state (and your business) an easily accessible profit center with streamlined connections to more than 80 million people within a 500-mile radius. Equidistant between New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City and Canada, Oklahoma is ideally positioned to serve all U.S., NAFTA and world markets.

Chuck Mills, President & CEO, Mills Machine Company, said “You can send your product north, south, east, west. We’re close to ports. I think just the fact that people understand we’re in that central location. If you look at the trucking companies that are located here alone, the central distribution of warehousing that’s located here in Oklahoma is huge.”

Hear more about what Chuck had to say about Oklahoma’s state of connectivity.

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