Oliver Inc. Expands Oklahoma Facility

Oliver Inc. (Oliver) recently announced that the company’s Oklahoma division is expanding. The current facility is 28k square feet and Oliver is in the process of expanding into an adjacent building space for a new total square footage of 61k. This growth in warehouse space will allow the company’s Oklahoma division to add more equipment and more jobs to further their capabilities in the custom packaging market.

“Oliver has significantly expanded the square footage of our Oklahoma production facilities and invested in new equipment,” said Dan Rodenbush, President/CEO of Oliver. “These initiatives allow us to meet the growth plans of our current customers, partner with new customers, and further expand our e-commerce business aspecialtybox.com.“

“Expanding our footprint in the Oklahoma division has been an exciting process,” said Cynthia Calvert-Copeland, Vice President & General Manager of Oliver Oklahoma. “Securing the building space next to us has been a dream of ours for a while. The additional equipment and bringing more jobs locally will add even more capabilities to Oliver Inc. as a whole. It’s a great time to be a part of a national company like Oliver.”

Phases one and two were recently completed, and involved the tearing down of walls, repainting the entire area, running electrical, and reinforcing the floor to support the large equipment being installed.

The investment in the Maxson MDH sheeter allows for large rolls of paper to be cut into specific lengths and widths to better accommodate the demand of clients and help to reduce excess waste of unused product. The sheeter has completed the final stages of the set up and the company’s team has been fully trained on the proper operations of the Maxson. As of Monday November 28th, the facility is in full production. Over the next five years, Oliver Oklahoma will be adding new equipment to the expanded warehouse and plans are set to bring more jobs to Oklahoma through increasing staff by as many as 25 new employees.

The new space and addition of the sheeter will increase capacity, growth, and make for an even quicker turnaround time for Oliver to supply customers with custom packaging. This project aligns with the company’s vision to be the leading provider of innovative, specialty packaging.

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