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Oklahoma – Defending the Nation

Oklahoma has been a key player in the defense and homeland security industry since World War II. As a central location with the largest DOD air depot, a strong military presence and significant army assets at Ft. Sill and the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, Oklahoma offers defense companies the expertise and strategic advantage necessary for success.

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Oklahoma is committed to helping your company achieve success in our state. The Oklahoma Team offers the highest quality, one-stop professional assistance to make that happen.

Hopper Smith, Brigadier General, ARNG (Ret.)
Hopper Smith, Brigadier General, ARNG (Ret.)
Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor for Aerospace and Defense
Oklahoma’s defense expertise extends well beyond traditional defense.

Find and connect with Oklahoma aerospace and defense companies. Use our free map powered by Sustainment Technologies to locate new customers and suppliers. 

Oklahoma’s defense expertise extends well beyond traditional defense.

Monday, Oct. 11
2 to 5 p.m.
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Join the Oklahoma Defense Team, Oklahoma Defense Industry Association and our partners for a reception during the AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition.

AUSA 2023 Partner Directory

Camgian logo


David James, Director of Oklahoma Operations

Through AI and machine learning innovations, Camgian is pioneering the next generation of intelligent defense systems that support soldier lethality, counter-UAS, missile defense and information operations.

Canoo logo


Chris Moore, Vice President

Canoo is an American developer and manufacturer of breakthrough electric vehicles and battery technologies that are reinventing the automotive landscape. The company has supplied vehicles to the U.S. Army and NASA. Under contract with the Defense Innovation Unit, Canoo is leveraging its advanced commercial battery and integration expertise to deliver a technologically advanced battery pack that can be scaled for use on operational military platforms and will set the stage for standardization of energy-dense lithium batteries. Proudly based in the American heartland, Canoo sources more than 90 percent of its parts from the U.S. and allied nations.

Fast Foam Suppression

Joe Buchanan, Owner

Fast Foam Suppression has developed a patent-pending, portable, self-contained, multi-use fire suppression apparatus to replace existing or use in complementary roles alongside existing infrastructure or in remote locations without access to traditional firefighting equipment or service. This product can be stationed in areas of high fire probability and uses a direct jet of suppressant that can reach over 120 ft.

Through over 60 years of combined firefighting experience, the owners of Fast Foam Suppression intend to bridge the gap between the often-inadequate fixed fire protection systems and professional fire departments.

FISTA Innovation Park

Krista Ratliff, President / CEO

At FISTA Innovation Park, our mission is to build a synergistic hub for the best in engineering, technology, and defense expertise to support the needs of the warfighter. With a high-security facility and on-site STEM lab, we’re an acceleration hub for the nation’s top defense contractors, academic institutions, and innovators to collaborate and partner with other like-minded thinkers.

Oklahoma Defense Industry Association logo

Oklahoma Defense Industry Association

Allyson Carson, Membership & Development Director

The Oklahoma Defense Industry Association is creating an ecosystem where leaders in government, industry, and academia can collaborate and work together to offer solutions while advancing the national security and defense needs of the state and nation.

ODIA drives strategic dialogue among Oklahoma’s defense stakeholders by identifying key issues and leveraging the knowledge and experience of its military, government, and academic members to address them. ODIA’s policy support positions include Workforce Development/Readiness, Manufacturing, Research, Space/Launch, K-12 STEM, and National Security Infrastructure & Ecosystem.

Oklahoma Aerospace and Defense Innovation Institute logo

University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Aerospace and Defense Innovation Institute (OADII)

Mandy Crockett, Administrative Coordinator

Through extensive planning, quality management, and strategic investments, the University of Oklahoma’s Oklahoma Aerospace and Defense Innovation Institute (OADII) is able to bring together the full range of the university’s capabilities and resources to provide holistic solutions addressing the aerospace, defense, and global security challenges of today and tomorrow. By uniting the vast resources of a major research university with a network of industry and government partners, OADII advances security, liberty, and prosperity for our state, nation, and world.

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