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Oklahoma Business Relief Program Financial Institution Information

Developed to help local businesses across the state overcome the economic challenges of COVID-19, the Oklahoma Business Relief Program (OBRP) will offer vital funding for businesses that have suffered revenue loss due to the pandemic. Business applications and distribution of funds will be processed through participating local financial institutions. 

Participating financial institution (PFI) refers to any bank or credit union who is either FDIC or NCUA insured that is a depository institution with a physical Oklahoma lending location who chooses to participate in the OBRP.

If your financial institution would like to participate in OBRP, please complete the participation form

You must provide:

  • Institution’s full legal name 
  • Institution’s primary business address in Oklahoma
  • FEI# 
  • Contact person’s name 
  • Contact person’s email 
  • Contact person’s phone number 

Thank you for helping support Oklahoma businesses. For questions, please email lenders@okcommerce.gov

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