Partnership on Deployment of Neo Aeronautics’ eVTOL Personal Aerial Vehicles (PAV) in Oklahoma

TheOklahoma Department of Commerce (Commerce) is working with NEO Aeronautics to bring the personal eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) experience to the tourists and residents of the state of Oklahoma.

“NEO Aeronautics has been developing the Crimson S8 for Part 103 compliance,” said Dr Kok-Beng, NEO, Founder & CEO. “We believe everyone can fly and we are empowering them to enjoy the flight experience through our automated eVTOL.”
NEO Aeronautics will work alongside Commerce to bring the Crimson Clubs to Oklahoma to support the economic growth through tourism, sports and recreational activities. Through the partnership, Commerce will assist in identifying sites for the Crimson Clubs which would include locations of high traffic. The investment made by NEO Aeronautics would also result in high-value job creations, service and operations revenue.

“We believe NEO Aeronautics has the potential to bring a unique experience to Oklahoma,” said Hopper Smith, Interim Executive Director and State Director of Aerospace & Defense, Commerce. “Oklahoma has long been a leader in the technology driving the future of the aerospace sector. By partnering with NEO Aeronautics on this project, we are continuing that legacy and creating new opportunities for Oklahomans.”

The FAA Part 103 category states that for a single-seat powered-ultralight vehicle that is less than 255 pounds and maximum speed of 55 knots and is intended for sports and recreational purposes, the “operator operators of ultralight vehicles are not required to meet any aeronautical knowledge, age, or experience requirements to operate those vehicles or to have airman or medical certificates.”

The sourcing of the sites will begin in 2024 with potential deployment form 2025 onwards.
NEO Aeronautics has a vision of “Every ONE can FLY” through our values of “Safe, Reliable & Affordable”. We strive to build a global community of urban aerial communities through our networks of Crimson Aviators & Crimson Clubs. We designed, engineered and developed the Crimson series of eVTOL aerial vehicles that conforms to existing regulatory requirements. Our founding team has more than 150 year of experience in flight operations, drone engineering and industrial design.

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