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In Oklahoma you’ll find an impressive list of astronauts, companies that are supplying critical components for space flight, as well as infrastructure and sites suited to support companies with space and aerospace operations. When you add in the Oklahoma Air & Space Port (approved for both horizontal and vertical launches into space and the only FAA-approved space flight corridor not in restricted or military airspace); it’s clear the state is a premier location for space operations, research and development.

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Rob Wilcox
Rob Wilcox, Chief Petty Officer, Navy (Ret.)
Aerospace & Defense Recruiter
Joshua Mayo
Josh Mayo
Business Development Project Manager

Space Symposium 2024 Partner Directory

Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority Logo

Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority

Craig J. Smith, Executive Director

One of 14 FAA-licensed spaceports in the U.S., the Oklahoma Air & Space Port is a public-use airport and 1,100-acre industrial airpark with lots for lease and development as well as facilities in place for aerospace testing, research and development, flights and launches. It features the only FAA-approved space flight corridor (150-miles long by 45-miles wide) not in restricted or military airspace, an Air Traffic Control Tower, and a Telemetry & Monitoring (T&M) Room designed for mission control during flight testing, launch, tracking, and recovery.

cymSTAR logo


Matt Jamison, Vice President, Business Development

CymSTAR is a cutting-edge provider of high-tech simulation and training solutions, specializing in aerospace and defense industries. With a focus on innovation, CymSTAR delivers state-of-the-art simulators and training devices tailored to meet the rigorous demands of space. Leveraging advanced technology and expertise, CymSTAR offers a comprehensive range of simulation solutions, including flight training devices, maintenance trainers, and mission simulators. Their commitment to excellence ensures realistic and immersive training experiences, enhancing operational readiness and reducing costs for their clients. CymSTAR’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction solidifies its position as a trusted leader in the simulation and training industry.

Frontier Electronic Systems Logo

Frontier Electronic Systems Corp.

James Peake, Business Development Specialist

Frontier Electronic Systems is an award winning, Native American woman-owned, high reliability electronics manufacturer with over 40 years of experience. Frontier excels in the design and manufacture of innovative, cost-effective electronic systems and equipment for aerospace, maritime and other commercial customers throughout the world. Our mission is to be a supplier of choice for mission-critical products, systems, and services to our customers. We maintain an exemplary corporate image through quality leadership, unquestionable integrity, dedicated teams with bold work ethics, and strong community support. 

Infinite Composites Logo

Infinite Composites, Inc.

Infinite Composites, Inc. is a leading provider of cutting-edge gas storage systems for aerospace/defense, industrial gas, and transportation applications. Their mission is to revolutionize the storage of pressurized gases, driving advancements in space exploration and sustainable transportation. The company’s innovative design eliminates the need for liners, resulting in a lighter-weight solution that maximizes storage space within a compact footprint and significantly reduces lead time. With their patented manufacturing processes and resin formulations, Infinite Composites offers the most efficient gas storage solutions in the universe for high-pressure gases and cryogenic fluids.

Ross Group logo

Ross Group

Zachary Perkins, Business Development

Ross Group Industrial’s experienced team is reaching new heights with aerospace and defense projects. We focus on implementing solutions to complex problems for the leading original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and suppliers across the globe. Our expertise is concentrated in manufacturing and testing facilities, such as reverberant acoustic test facilities (RATF) and progressive wave tubes (PWT). Additionally, we specialize in vibration / impact testing and associated reaction masses, including the installation of related foundations, structures, and utilities.

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