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Dream Team Prosthetics Helps Patients Realize Goals

Each year, the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon brings the opportunity to witness and take part in the Oklahoma Spirit. One Oklahoma company was key to making running a dream come true for two half-marathon participants, Seth Alexander and Trevor Bunch.

Trevor Bunch and Seth Alexander

Both bilateral above the knee amputees, Alexander and Bunch are participating in the 2019 Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon with the help of advanced prosthetic technology designed by Dream Team Prosthetics.

“So many lives were impacted by the tragedy of the Oklahoma City bombing and my life was impacted by something tragic. Seeing all of the people come together and saying ‘we’re bigger than this’, it speaks more than words,” said Alexander.

April also marks Limb Loss Awareness Month.

“I feel like it’s important to do something productive to shed a light on limb loss and wreck the status quo. The goal is to impact someone,” said. Alexander. 

Located in Duncan, Dream Team Prosthetics uses a customized, innovative approach to fitting its patients utilizing hydraulic knees, lightweight carbon composites, microprocessors controls and more – to build state-of-the-art prosthetics for amputee patients and all activity levels.

“I think the key to our success is our experienced and talented clinical staff,” said Randy Richardson, Dream Team owner and assistant prosthetist. “Prosthetics is an art-science. In order to have successful patient outcomes you must think outside of the box and innovate creative solutions that will be functional for those with limb loss.”

Using advanced technologies, the company helps patients have the ability to do number activities – from driving and walking up and down stairs to running, golfing, hiking and more.

An article from the Duncan Banner describes why Dream Team chose Duncan and what has led to their success:

“The community obviously is fantastic, fortunately with my family’s history here with R&S Drug, my grandfather started R&S Drug and then my father took it over and he passed away four years ago, but my family is certainly involved in the medical community here,” said Richardson. “When Chad and I were first talking about it, I called up Dr. Robert James Weeden and Dr. Jimmy Jones. —We had a meeting with Jay Johnson at the hospital and then Dr. Ché Miller and everybody was very encouraging and excited that we were bringing this here to Duncan. We’re proud of what we do here and Duncan’s a community that’s very proud of all of their accomplishments and everything, so I think it’s a perfect fit here.”

Chad Simpson, Dream Team co-founder and clinical director, went on to say, “— We felt like this was probably a very underserved area — the southwest region of Oklahoma — and North Texas and actually even — west Texas, so we thought this might be a good spot. … Everybody that I’ve come in contact [with], Brandy has come in contact with … I always comment to him ‘I’ve never seen such a community friendly town as Duncan.’ It really is, people are truly interested in how other folks are doing.”

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