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Oklahoma Department of Commerce Launches New Website

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce (Commerce) recently re-launched its website with a new design, increased customer focus and modern features. As the lead economic development organization for the state of Oklahoma and a provider of services for the state’s communities and citizens, Commerce works with various audiences, from Oklahomans to global business executives.

“Commerce executes many different functions. Whether working with communities to manage infrastructure improvement grants, connecting citizens to important services such as homelessness prevention or prescription drug assistance, or marketing the state as a premier business location, our team connects daily with many different people looking for vastly different things,” said Brent Kisling, Executive Director, Oklahoma Department of Commerce. “Having one website where people can find what they’re looking for was certainly a challenge, but our team worked strategically to ensure that we are serving each of our audiences well.”

To design and develop the site Commerce worked with Oklahoma City-based Staplegun. Together, the group worked to improve the customer experience on the website and develop numerous new features. Some of these include new ways of contacting the Commerce team, staff bios, an improved contact form for visitor questions and increased mobile/tablet-friendliness.

Commerce worked with Conway, an economic development public relations and strategy firm to best speak to the business-focused audiences. The company has years of experience in the corporate site selection industry along with site consultant and corporate real estate insights. The information gathered during strategic planning and content development sessions was used to help ensure the site is helpful to companies looking to expand operations into Oklahoma. The site also serves to show how Oklahoma is a premiere destination for new business investment to attract new well-paying jobs to communities throughout the state.

“As Oklahoma’s ‘front door’ to businesses around the world, we felt it was important for our website to look and feel vibrant and innovative just like our state,” said Sean Kouplen, Secretary of Commerce and Workforce Development. “We have received such positive feedback and have seen an increase in the number of interactions on the site. I’m very proud of our team for their great work to make our vision a reality.”

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