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Oklahoma Essential Industries Identified

Pursuant to Oklahoma Executive Order 2020-07, all non-essential businesses in the state of Oklahoma were ordered to close effective 11:59 PM, March 25, 2020. Several industries are deemed essential during the COVID-19 event. If business owners have reviewed the Executive Order and Memorandum and have determined that they are an essential business based on that information, then no other action is needed.

If a business owner is still unsure about whether or not their business falls under the category of essential, the Oklahoma Department of Commerce has outlined steps for businesses to follow to help them make that determination. These steps can be found at

“The Oklahoma Department of Commerce’s goal is to maximize the safety of our business owners and employees while also giving our businesses the best opportunity to survive during this challenging time,” said Sean Kouplen, Oklahoma Secretary of Commerce and Workforce Development. “We received significant input from the business community since the Governor’s announcement of the closure of non-essential businesses in the impacted counties. We were able to provide that input to Governor Stitt to help inform the decisions of Executive Order 2020-07.”

Included in these steps is a reference guide with NAICS codes and business descriptions: Oklahoma Essential Industries List as well as a form to fill out to request clarification or an exemption. There is also an FAQ addressing a variety of business- and industry-related questions.

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