Oklahoma’s New Brand & Logo Unveiled

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell unveiled the state’s new brand. The brand is a result of nine months of work by a volunteer committee consisting of more than 140 creatives.

“As Secretary of Tourism and Branding, Lt. Governor Pinnell has traveled to communities across Oklahoma and personally experienced everything our state has to offer,” said Gov. Stitt. “His enthusiasm and passion for our state and people is evident, and he charged full steam ahead to pull together creatives from all over the state to form and launch this new brand for Oklahoma. With this new brand, we will work to breathe new life into tourism, job recruitment, investors, and much more.”

“Last summer I invited more than 200 of Oklahoma’s brightest and most creative designers, marketing experts, communications professionals, videographers and photographers to join me in creating a new brand for Oklahoma,” said Lt. Gov. Pinnell, “Their task was to develop a cohesive, new brand for Oklahoma that best represents our heritage and history, our booming industry, our beautiful one of a kind vistas, and most importantly, our greatest asset – our people. The vision behind this effort is to position Oklahoma as a top-tier destination for visitors, businesses, talent and citizens.”

Joining Gov. Stitt and Lt. Gov. Pinnell on stage was business and civic leader Steve Hendrickson, government affairs director for The Boeing Company and member of the Board of Directors for the Oklahoma Business Roundtable.

“As a representative in Oklahoma’s aerospace and aviation industry, I have experienced first-hand the challenges Oklahoma faces when representing our State as a top-tier destination for capital investment, expansion, relocation and recruitment of new employees,” Hendrickson said. “Together, as Oklahomans, we can reverse these perceptions of being ‘one of those states in the middle’ and instead we will create an awareness that we are the very center of the United States.”

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce has updated its website and social channels to represent the new brand.

Oklahoma Commerce

“Commerce is excited to embrace the new brand unveiled by Governor Stitt and Lt. Governor Pinnell and for the opportunities it will provide us to better market our state’s economic development potential,” said Brent Kisling, Executive Director, Oklahoma Department of Commerce. “We pride ourselves on the collaborative nature of our state — the way we work together to help Oklahomans and the way various entities work side-by-side to bring in new jobs and investment and help Oklahomans and Oklahoma companies thrive. Together, under one brand, we can work alongside other state agencies to market the value of the state of Oklahoma to current and future residents.”

The unveiling of the brand was via a video created by the volunteer team. The logo design is inspired by Oklahoma’s heritage. The shapes and colors reflect the earth, sky, water, agriculture and forest. A white star in the middle of the brand is a powerful symbol of America and on the original flag of the state. The chevrons outlining the star acknowledge Oklahoma’s military. All the elements form a circle and direct energy inward, highlighting Oklahoma as a hub at the center of America. 

 The tagline “Imagine that” conveys the idea behind the Oklahoma brand: a state that surprised people by defying expectations, providing countless opportunities and inviting audiences to dream of their own personal potential. 

Over the next few months, the brand rollout will continue as highway signs, tourism efforts, agency websites, programs and communications begin to implement the new brand. 

“Today marks the beginning of a transformation,” said Pinnell. “The transformation of Oklahoma’s statewide, national and international image.” 

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